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Hi, I'm Debbie!




Debbie and Stephen’s three daughters are all Falls Church City Public School “lifers.” Hannah is a fourth year physics/geotechnical engineering double major at UVA, where she also plays ice hockey and is a volunteer firefighter. Claire is a junior finance major and D1 lacrosse player at William & Mary. Maryn is a senior at George Mason High School, focused on creative writing, debate, and computer science. 



Debbie’s engagement with many facets of the City, her extensive community experience, and her commitment to making the Little City a place all of us are proud to call home make her the obvious choice for FCC City Council. Whether you vote via mail, absentee, or in person on November 3, VOTE for DEBBIE HISCOTT for CITY COUNCIL. 


Building Community Together


Debbie regularly works with families, businesses, and teachers in our community, as well as a broad spectrum of local leaders, including the FCCPS School Board; FCC City Council; both school and city administration; Mary Riley Styles Public Library; the FCC Police, Recreation and Parks, and Public Works Departments; and more. She is also an active member of the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, the Business in Education committee and has served on the  George Mason High School Cultural Heritage and Equity and Alliance for Youth committees.


An active supporter of the GMHS Athletic Boosters and Band Boosters, Debbie was the voice of Mason field hockey and lacrosse for many years. She has played host and MC for the Run for the Schools for the past eight years and served as MC for the GMHS class of 2020 graduation parade.


When the schools were struggling on best to steward the Family Assistance Fund, Debbie stepped up and the FCEF assumed management responsibility of the fund. Under her leadership, donations have more than doubled while school social workers have been able to focus on what they do best – serving families. Since the pandemic started, Debbie has led FCEF efforts to harness the support of generous business and parent donors and provide more than $120,000 in emergency food and supply assistance to members of our community. Through close collaboration with the local schools, she has ensured these funds have gone where they are needed the most. 

Debbie actively worked to support the bond referendum for the new high school and is incredibly excited to see it progress and open in January 2021.


Debbie is committed to bringing our community together. As PTA president, she introduced the annual PTA Parent Socials and created March Mayhem, which evolved into the eagerly anticipated Hippo-Tiger-Giraffe Games we know today. Events like these are critical fund raisers for our schools, but more importantly, they help parents, teachers, and families connect. 

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to elect a City Council member who has been a part of our City’s history. Debbie is committed to working with everyone in our community to make Falls Church City healthy and strong.


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Jody Acosta

City of Falls Church Treasurer

I’m proud to support Debbie for City Council. She has the experience and knowledge the council needs to direct the city in a forward thinking direction. She will work diligently for Falls Church.

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Friends of Letty Hardi

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Annalisa Aldana

FCEF Board Member, Flora Foto

As a FCEF board member, I’ve seen Debbie’s compassionate leadership, supporting the schools and hosting events to bring the community together. Weeks before the school closure in March, Debbie mobilized school officials and donors to collect and distribute more than 200 grocery cards to families in need and ensure they had internet for distance learning. She will be an incredible asset to City Council.




Beth & Joe Green

Meg & Curt Haensel

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Kristalee & Nils Overdahl


Brian Williams

Co-Founder and CEO of Viget

 As a business owner, EDA member and parent, I support Debbie Hiscott for Falls Church City Council. I know Debbie to be open-minded, thoughtful, collaborative and fully committed to the City of Falls Church.

Jennifer & Steve Payne

Jeff Person

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